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How to make time for self-care in your busy schedule

Updated: May 23, 2022

No time for bubble baths + expensive yoga classes everyday? No problem! Self-care can be as quick as 5 minutes and cost zero dollars.

Self-care is simply the act of of taking action to improve our health in a way that fits in with our lifestyle. Which means it can be quick and free.

Follow these steps to create your very own self-care practice!

1. Pick a time!

First, find a time to take care of you! Pick a time of day you have space to carve out five minutes.

Be realistic and think about when you can be most successful. If you already wake up early to take care of a long morning to-do list, consider choosing to practice before bed.

Choosing a time that doesn’t add any extra stress to our days can increase our self-care satisfaction!

2. Check-in

Then, check-in with how you’ve been feeling; have you been feeling a sense of stress or overwhelm? Maybe you just need some extra space from your loved ones?

Identify what has brought you to make time for a self-care practice. This step can serve as a healthy reminder of your inner strength to dive into your new practice!

3. Pick a practice

Now we’re ready to pick a practice! Specially, let’s pick a micro-habit. Micro-habits are quick practices that give you (nearly) instant satisfaction. These are practices that take just a couple minutes – like stretching, drinking water, breath work, journaling, or light walks around the block.

They tend to make us feel more accomplished since they are “easy” to incorporate into our daily lives.

Here’s some micro habits you can try!

  • Meditation

  • Gratitude journaling

  • Stretching

  • Reading a a few pages of a book or an article

  • Smiling at yourself in the mirror

  • “I am” affirmations

  • Intentional showering

  • Playing a quick game

  • Crossword puzzles

  • Anything that makes you feel good!

4. Commit to you

Finally, let’s create a commitment to ourselves. I challenge you to write down the following:

  • The micro habit I will practice for 5 minutes is…

  • I will make an effort to practice this micro habit at…. (insert time of day)

  • I need these tools to practice self-care… (insert anything you need to practice)

  • I will be supported by… (insert someone you will tell about your new practice, or email us at to share)

5. Journal (Bonus tip!)

Seal in your self-care practice with a wellness journal like this one, Wellness Journal by Sareena Rama on Amazon. Journaling can support your journey, relieve stress, and build your inner strength. Learn more about the benefits of journaling here.

Listen to the Wellness Check-In Club Podcast for more self-care tips!

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