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How to plan for self-care in a busy schedule

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

This 10-minute guided journaling session was built to set you up for a productive, inspired, and intentional week. We will work through practices to help you better embody the state of being that you desire, and set your mind up to handle whatever comes your way this week. We’ll have a fun dose of motivation to get you excited for the week, as well, and focus on some tactical tools to stay accountable to your intentions as the week goes on.

These journaling prompts can support you at the start of a busy week because they allow you to intentionally dedicate time, space, and resources to your wellbeing. These intentional prompts will guide you to make choices that put yourself first so by the end of the week you feel more love from yourself to yourself.

Follow along with the guidance on our podcast, or use the prompts below to move at your own pace.

We’ll start this workshop by reflecting on your previous week before you can set intentions for the week ahead! Let this practice serve as a check-in on how you felt about last week.

Reflection prompts:

  • What I need more of…

  • What I need less of…


  • I need less… screen time, quick meals, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk

  • I need more… time with my friends, movement, clarity of my schedule, structure of my meals!

Then let’s think of what you need less of and more of this week. This quick check-in of your previous week can support you in thinking of what went well last week and how you want to live out the next week.

Intentionality prompts:

  • How I plan to take care of my body…

  • How I plan to take care of my mind…

  • How I plan to take care of my soul…


  • I plan to exercise on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week. I plan to nourish my body through homemade foods and ample amounts of water!

  • I plan to take care of my mind through journaling every evening. I will take my time to reflect on what I am grateful for each day.

  • I plan to read 10 pages of my new book each morning to nourish my soul and connect myself to my highest self.

Finally, let's make a game plan. Turn your focus on how you plan to take care of yourself this week! When we write down our intended activities, it helps us have more accountability for our future actions. Let’s plan how you want to take care of you mind, body, and soul. Get specific with this one!

Game plan prompt:

  • What choices can I make this week to live out my intentions and desires?

  • How can I help myself feel more successful this week?

  • In what ways will I celebrate living out my intentions?


  • This week I can make the choices to add my self-care intentions to my google calendar. I will make the choice of waking up 20 minutes earlier each day to spend time reading my new book. I will make a trip to the grocery store and prepare my meals this evening to set myself up for a successful week of eating more whole foods. Each evening I will prepare my water bottle to make sure I have water right away in the morning.

I encourage you to share this practice with a loved one, and tell them how you plan to take care of yourself. You never know who may need this extra boost of motivation to get intentional about their week ahead and you can really make an impact by just sharing how you plan to take care of yourself.

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