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How to practice self-care during the holidays

There’s no better time to prioritize wellness than the holidays!

The holidays may bring less daylight, more obligations, tight budgets, and sometimes full social calendars! Despite all the challenges we may face throughout the holiday season, you get to adjust your mindset to live out a holiday season that feels good to you!

Follow these 4 steps to set a successful holiday mindset!

Step 1: Everyday, I want to feel more…

Simply ask yourself, how do I want to feel during the holidays? In an ideal situation, how do I wish to feel by the end of the holiday season?

Write your answer down in a safe place like a journal or your notes app. If you're staying home this holiday season, grab a sticky note and post it somewhere in your home.

Step 2: Set your Intention

An intention is simply setting a reminder using your "ideal feelings" from step #1!

Common intentions for the holidays: I am grateful, I will practice less judgement, I am receiving, I am refreshed, I feel relieved, I am calm, I will cultivate joy

Step 3: Create Boundaries

Set clear boundaries with the people around you! I struggle hard with this one but it’s SO necessary during the holidays.

My biggest tip is to set aside 10-60 minutes of each day that is your alone time*. You can use this time to take a walk, exercise, phone a friend, just sit alone, or any activity that energizes you. This allows us to show up fully for our holiday squads. Give it a try!

*And if you have to lie and blame it on work to get alone time… do it. Simply telling your holiday squad “Just letting you all know that I have a work project due on x date, so everyday I’m going to spend about an hour focused on it!” This can make all the difference for our holiday stress!

Step 4: Follow a Plan!

The 5 day challenge is a great program to engage in together. You get to work on your wellness for 30-minutes for 5 days . It includes light movement AND self-care practices! You can start the challenge at any time, so grab a buddy and get to it.

We must acknowledge that we get the opportunity to adjust our mindsets. We have the power to make a day feel better. So let’s spread wellness to ourselves and our loved ones this holiday season!

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