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How to spend time alone

Welcome to the Wellness Check-In Club, created to be a safe space for every body to practice wellness. We're here to provide you with quick feel good practices that you can seamlessly fit into your days. Whether you’re commuting, preparing dinner for your family, or walking- you can tap into the Wellness Check-In Club to feel good.

FOMO (the fear of missing out) is real... but so is the power of your mindset. Here's our top 4 tips for getting comfortable with spending time alone.

1. Know the difference between being lonely and being alone.

Lonely is a temporary emotional feeling that can occur even while surrounded by people. While being alone is simply the physical state of being with yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up with that temporary emotional feeling of loneliness – especially when we're scrolling on social media and see people experiencing their life differently than we are. This comparison to other can often trigger those feelings of loneliness so the next time you’re alone – allow yourself to check-in and notice if its the emotional state of loneliness that you’re feeling, or if its simply the physical state of being with just yourself.

2. Plan things out just like you would with other humans.

Block off a date and time in your calendar, and make a reservation, get tickets, do whatever you need to do to make your alone time the best it can be! It is motivating to plan and visualize what you are going to do with your alone time. Pro tip: start small! Sitting at a bar alone can feel daunting so start with a walk around the block alone, or sitting alone outside of cafe while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

3. Make a joy list on your phone.

Make a joy list on your phone so you always have ideas of what to do when you’re alone! Pro tip: breakdown your joy list by how much time these activities may take you. If there’s a practice that takes you 1 minute put that one in your quick category. If its something that may take you a whole evening, like painting or crocheting – put that in your need some time category. Now, the next time you are alone... you’ll have an entire list to look at before the loneliness feeling even arrives!

4. Just do it!!

Remind yourself that you are more than enough and more than deserving of time spent alone. It’s tough, yes, but you literally won’t know what it will feels like unless you do it. When you spend time alone, you can do whatever you want... and you never know where that freedom could take you!

I’ve got a challenge for you this week - and it will take you a minute to do right now. Pull out your calendar and schedule some dedicated alone time this week!! Pick a time that works well for you and block it off! Treat it like the most important meeting you have that day because it’s with yourself and you are the most important person.

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